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Abdomen Reduction

Well, Christmas is most definitely creeping up on us.  There really is no need to panic about our waistline – the pictures below show the before and after treatment of a gentleman – this treatment session was pain free and risk free and took just 50 minutes!

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So what happens to the treated area? 
The micro-current energy transmitted into the tissue acts as a stimulus for a variety of body functions:-
– the body’s energy levels are increased;
– blood circulation and lymphatic flow are increased;
– the body’s natural bio-chemical healing improves;
– stimulation of intracellular calcium further strengthens cellular balance and healing;
– amino acid uptake is increased as well as protein synthesis, which assists in tissue repair;
– water and toxins stored in the cells are redistributed to the lymphatic pathways, which are stimulated to “flush” the waste products from the body;
– fatty clusters are decomposed;
– blood vessels are opened to increase:-  blood flow, oxygen levels in the blood and nutrients delivered to the tissue;
– active ingredients in the treatment gels are selectively absorbed into the tissue (iontophoresis).

Well, taking all that into account, it’s no wonder the clinical trials show that clients feel much more energised and less sluggish throughout their waking hours.  Oh, and the fat reduction is as permanent as any method of reducing fat, including surgery.