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Beautytek Non-Surgical Fat Reduction and Skin Firming

Too busy to go to the gym?  The weather’s not helping you to choose healthy food options?  Well, here’s a wonderful example of a lady who wanted to slim right down.  She had a course of 12 beautytek treatment sessions – no sweat!  Even after her holiday she was maintaining her new size and shape.

before treatment

before treatment

after 12 sessions

after 12 sessions

This shows what a full course (ie. 12 sessions) of beautytek abdomen treatment can achieve.

Note the reshape of her back and the reduction of her hip area too.



How can a client help beautytek to achieve the best results?  We simply recommend:

a)  Water – we urge all clients to drink a minimum of two litres of water (including herbal teas and isotonic drinks) per day, more if possible.  The movement of water around the body is an integral part of successful beautytek treatment and the better hydrated a client is, the better result they are likely to get from the treatment.  It is even more important to drink water after the treatment.

b)  Exercise – we recommend that clients who do little or no physical exercise try to walk for 30 minutes each day.  Small changes in exercise habits can have huge benefits both for beautytek treatments and for general health.

c)  Diet – we recommend that clients try to incorporate more fruit and vegetables in their diet and cut down on sugary and fatty foods.  It is recommended that clients aim to eat regularly (at least three times per day) as this reduces the strain on the energy system.

And to maintain the new shape over the longer term?  Well, the fat reduction is as permanent as surgery – so maintain a healthy life style;  with regard to the firming and smoothing of the skin we recommend one single treatment session every three to 12 months.  Beautytek really is a truly amazing treatment!