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Testimonials from
beautytek clients

read the blog from our beautytek case study, CP from Halifax

I’m really impressed with beautytek, after just one treatment my abdomen feels much tighter – the before and after photographs are amazing, will ask Anne to put them on the blog.
MM, Midlands РFeb 2012

I’ve had a jelly belly since having my daughter 15 years ago. Added to this, in Jan 2010 I had a hysterectomy and I think my body shape took on a mind of its own! I’ll never be able to justify the risk of surgery for vanity, but now I don’t need to since finding beautytek. I’m only half way through (six sessions) but I can’t believe the difference. I’m doing the right things – drinking lots of water, taking exercise and watching what I eat (with some naughty days in between) and in return I get to have a really lovely treatment that gets results. I feel amazing and can’t wait till my twelfth treatment. You have GOT to try this!
Chrissie, Leeds

I am so pleased I didn’t go through with surgery – I’ve found something much better, without the pain and risk!
Lydia, Sheffield

I never thought something so relaxing and pleasant could have such stunning results. After just six weeks of treatments my two-baby stomach is pre-baby again!
Jennifer, Wakefield

Both my sons have been born by caesarian, which left me with a saggy tummy and no feeling in my bikini line. Amazingly, after about halfway through my course, I could suddenly feel the probe on my skin – which the doctors said would never happen. I’ve also got much tighter skin and the stretch marks are significantly better. I would recommend this treatment to anyone – it’s amazing!
Nicola, Doncaster

I had a wonderful experience with the beautytek. The therapist gave me a thorough explanation of what to expect and how the treatment worked and was really friendly and gentle. The result was fantastic – I now have a jawline back!
Rachel, Leeds

I was sceptical at first because you really can’t feel anything. I even thought that some of the photos had been doctored – until I saw my own! I was amazed at the result – and it’s still improving!
Jason, Manchester

I never thought that something so relaxing could be so effective. My face has become much smoother and tighter since completing my treatment and even though it’s now a year later, people still comment on how young I look!
Heather, Hull

I had breast implants at 18 but the doctors never told me that I wouldn’t be able to take them out without losing shape. I didn’t want to have another set and so when I read about beautytek I thought that it was worth a try. I was amazed at how much the shape improved after a course – they’re still not perfect, but they look so much better it’s almost as if I had implants again!
Lisa, Leeds

I’m so impressed by beautytek treatment I’ve had another course!
Claire, Wetherby

It’s amazing how you can practically see the changes happen immediately!
Richard, York

Have this treatment – it’s a miracle!