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Clinical trials studying beautytek treatments

Many worldwide studies have been carried out on the efficacy of beautytek treatments.

One of them by Dr. W. Norek after several years of experience with beautytek: “As a certified physician for anti aging, member of GSAAM (German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine) … I was looking for a revolutionary, successful but still non invasive method for the lifting of tissue and fat reduction, which at the same time does not include any risk … After further examination and … after hundreds of treatments my first impression got confirmed and verified, beautytek provides wonderful, long-lasting results – in a simple way, without pain or any risk It is applicable for both men and women of any age, especially if they want to prevent an operation.  Beautytek offers long-term reduction of fat and effective tightening of tissue – particularly in areas where it is very difficult to reduce the fat volume with a diet or by exercising.”

Another study was undertaken by the Institute for Experimental Dermatology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. H. Tronnier, University of Witten-Herdecke, and the neosoma Institute in Cologne.  His studies have shown that “… All test persons reported experiencing additional effects of the treatment.  The main effect experienced was a notable improvement in capability attributed to a remarkable increase in bodily energy.  This led to greater fitness;  a higher performance over the course of the day without the tiredness otherwise mentioned.  At the same time a notable increase in the relaxation level was registered both during and after treatment…. Skirts and trousers that had long been stowed in the wardrobe suddenly fitted again.”

Beautytek technology offers a concept that is preventative for younger clients and rejuvenative for mature clients.

I hope you like the before and after pictures shown below of a client who had her cellulite banished by beautytek.  Very impressive indeed.  Whilst you’re on the website take a look at our “In the press” link where we refer to an excellent article entitled “More steps to luscious legs” by Claire Coleman, Daily Mail.  Cellulite really can be conquered!