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Face Lifting and Rejuvenation






Here at beautyteknorth we love to do face lifting and rejuvenation treatments.  As explained in the Clinical Trials blog below, beautytek is proven to be “preventative” for young clients and “rejuvenative” for mature clients.  The pictures above show me when I was 48 years old (the pictures show, from left to right, before treatment, after six months and after nine months), so I would like to say that my results are more “preventative” than “rejuvenative”!  The results are long-lasting thus the skin remains firm, plump, well-hydrated and smooth.  We recommend that clients have a single top-up treatment every three to 12 months in order to maintain their optimum result.

Whilst you’re on the website have a look at the Face Lifting field, there’s a great example of how a client’s double chin was eliminated by the beautytek face lifting and rejuvenation treatment.  The treatments allow the therapist to tackle the specific areas which each client wishes us to concentrate on – a very individual treatment indeed.

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