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Targeted fat reduction
an alternative to cosmetic surgery

We have all been told that it is impossible to naturally target an area for fat reduction – fitness professionals and doctors insist that a healthy diet and exercise is the only way to reduce fat.

Liposuction is seen as the only way to spot reduce fat. beautytek is the natural alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery and targets fat in specific areas using its revolutionary technology.

  • Stimulate energy
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Dehydrate fatty tissue
  • Remove stored toxins from cells
  • Increase production of cells
  • Tighten and tone overlying skin
  • Repair connective tissue

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beautytek uses the natural healing capacity of the body to stimulate the reproduction of healthy cells, increase the rate of fat metabolism and drain excess fluid and toxins from the body. Using a method of transdermal delivery known as iontophoresis the beautytek introduces active ingredients into the body which are readily prepared for absorption.

beautytek uses an extremely low level of electrical energy to ionise and activate these ingredients. The client’s body dictates the level of energy supplied during treatment and therefore the client receives the precise dose of both energy and ingredients into the body required at that moment in time.