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In the press

As well as appearing on Channel 4 and ITV, beautytek has been featured in numerous publications since the early noughties.

Here’s a fabulous article from the Daily Mail by the journalist Naomi Coleman which she has also featured in femail:-

Alternative breast lift: what one woman thinks

by NAOMI COLEMAN, femail

Sheila Gordon, 28, a business analyst, lives in Rayners Lane, Middlesex, with her husband Matthew, an engineer, and their two-year-old daughter Harriet.

‘Before breast-feeding my daughter I had such pert breasts I hardly needed to wear a bra at all,’ says Sheila.

‘But after nursing Harriet for six months my breast size changed from a size 32A to a size 36B and my nipples started to face downwards.’

‘One day I looked in the mirror at my sagging breasts and thought becoming a mum suddenly made me look so much older.’

Sheila heard about Beautytek through a friend and thought if it brought back her pert breasts it would be worth the money.

As she lay on a couch, a herb-based gel was applied to her stomach and navel area to open up the lymphatic system.

Then the cream was rubbed gently into her waist, ribs, armpits and breasts to trigger acupressure points in these areas and help lift the skin. Then, a small electrode linked to the computer was massaged in circular movements around her breasts for about five minutes.

‘Although it was relaxing, it felt slightly strange and my skin felt tingly – but not in an uncomfortable way,’ she says.

The therapist continued to use several different sized electrodes on various parts of Sheila’s body – small round ones for her armpits and larger, flatter ones for her waist and breasts.

After 40 minutes, a warm towel was placed over her breasts and waist to remove any excess cream.

‘It must have worked because as I looked down at my breasts I noticed my nipples were no longer facing downwards,’ she says. ‘They were pointing upwards. In fact my breasts were even more pert than before I had my baby.’

‘Even better she noticed her breasts looked more rounded and even had a distinct lift. Even after just one session her right breast had lifted nearly two centimetres and my left breast almost one centimetre. ‘My bust had been slightly uneven to begin with and the treatment appeared to help even them out,’ she says.

Sheila was told that she had responded particularly well to the treatment and that she only needed a couple more sessions to lift the breasts even more.

‘I’m so impressed with the results I’ve already booked an appointment for my stomach with the hope of getting my teenage midriff back.

Another journalist, Claire Coleman from the Daily Mail has also been looking into the best cellulite treatments…

More steps to luscious legs



23. Beautytek, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, combines western technology with Chinese medicine, using an electric probe linked to a computer to deliver energy to the body. The energy forces toxins from the cells into the lymphatic pathways, which flush the waste products from the body.

Our tester said: ‘A gel is applied, then a metal roller is lightly passed over and over the skin – you can’t really feel anything. After 12 treatments, the backs of my legs are completely smooth.’

The following article featured in Metro on 29th March 2009…

Claire Age: 30 Bra size: 34D

The problem: Over the past ten years, I have swung from a size eight to a size 14 but one of my biggest crimes was not changing my sports bras regularly.

I love outdoor running and circuit classes but used the same grey, grotty bra for years. My breasts are an embarrassment. They are stretched, flat on top and have a slight crêpey feel to them.

What did you try? Beautytek uses microcurrent technology, based on the Chinese medicine principles of unblocking chi energy to stimulate under-performing cells.

My lovely practitioner Faye applied a firming electrolyte gel, which helps to ensure the microcurrent is absorbed into the skin and also firms and tightens, over my breasts then rolled metal probes over them in different directions.

The machine directs her movements and makes a strange warbling sound throughout the session.

Electrical energy is emitted from the probes and targets all the weak cells that make my tissue sag. It’s a very individual treatment.

The probes read your cells and determine how much energy is needed for each one.

Eventually, the cells shrink upwards and collagen is also stimulated to firm and lift the breasts (it reduces man boobs, too).

It’s important to drink lots of water and eat healthily over the 12 sessions to help flush all the toxins from my cells.

Any downsides? The sessions can take between 60 and 90 minutes but Faye gives great chat, so at least they don’t drag by.

The probes are pretty cold but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

So your cleavage is ready to show off? This is the first year that I have absolutely no worries about getting into a bikini.

My breasts are fuller, nearly two inches higher and they have lost that crêpey texture.

Are the results permanent? According to the research by Meditech, the breast lift can last between three and 12 months without further treatments, although they do recommend a three-monthly top-up.

The difference in my happiness is definitely worth it – I simply see further sessions as an extension of my usual health and beauty regime.

Rating: It feels like I’ve had surgery without the knife.

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