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Stretch marks
a gentle way to smooth skin

Stretch marks look like thin, stretched tissue and that is more or less what they are.  The upper layer of the skin is normal, but in the lower layer the collagen and elastin, which give the skin its strength and elasticity, have become thinner and broken.  At first, the marks look reddish purple.  This is because the stretched skin is more transparent and the small blood vessels that lie deep in the skin show through.  Later, the blood vessels contract.  The purplish colour then fades to white, which is simply fat under the skin showing through.

Stretch marks often appear on the breast and abdomen during pregnancy.  The reason is partly hormonal.  During pregnancy, hormones have the job of softening the collagen ligaments of the pelvis, so that the tissues can stretch easily during childbirth.  Unfortunately, the skin collagen softens as well, allowing stretch marks to form easily.

Some women have weaker collagen than others, so are more likely to get stretch marks.  Yo-yo dieters and bodybuilders can get stretch marks on the upper arms, chest and thighsGrowing adolescents can get them on their backs, where they look like a series of horizontal lines.

Fortunately, beautytek is the ideal treatment to reverse these effects, and restore elasticity and smoother skin.

  • Stimulate energy production
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Dehydrate fatty tissue
  • Remove stored toxins from cells
  • Increase production of cells
  • Tighten and tone overlying skin
  • Repair connective tissue

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By rebalancing the cells ions beautytek increases energy flow, enhances metabolism and blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system, thus increasing the body’s capability for self repair, restoring health and well being and enabling the body to reshape itself.

As a consequence of this boost to the body’s self repair ability, beautytek has proven to be extremely effective in treating many skin related conditions such as acne and reducing scar visibility as well as stretch marks.