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Beautyteknorth Has Moved!

I am pleased to announce the successful transition of beautyteknorth to our new address:

8 Manor Crescent, Pool In Wharfedale, Otley LS21 1ND.

It’s a lovely location, just a couple of miles from the market town of Otley.  We have parking on our driveway as well as roadside (a quiet cul de sac).  Weeton railway station is one mile away. There are regular bus services which go through Pool In Wharfedale.

Our clients are loving the new treatment room!

New landline: 0113 2843057.  Mobile and email contact details remain unchanged.

A Quick Slimming Abdomen Treatment

Have you got a party coming up?  Wondering if your outfit might be a little tight?  Well, here’s an example of the difference just one 50 minute beautytek treatment session achieved.  The treatments can really have such a quick effect… and they really are pain free and risk free – the micro-current energy used by beautytek is actually no stronger than our heart beat!

before treatment

before treatment

after one 50 minute treatment session

after one 50 minute treatment session

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Beautytek Non-Surgical Fat Reduction and Skin Firming

Too busy to go to the gym?  The weather’s not helping you to choose healthy food options?  Well, here’s a wonderful example of a lady who wanted to slim right down.  She had a course of 12 beautytek treatment sessions – no sweat!  Even after her holiday she was maintaining her new size and shape.

before treatment

before treatment

after 12 sessions

after 12 sessions

This shows what a full course (ie. 12 sessions) of beautytek abdomen treatment can achieve.

Note the reshape of her back and the reduction of her hip area too.



How can a client help beautytek to achieve the best results?  We simply recommend:

a)  Water – we urge all clients to drink a minimum of two litres of water (including herbal teas and isotonic drinks) per day, more if possible.  The movement of water around the body is an integral part of successful beautytek treatment and the better hydrated a client is, the better result they are likely to get from the treatment.  It is even more important to drink water after the treatment.

b)  Exercise – we recommend that clients who do little or no physical exercise try to walk for 30 minutes each day.  Small changes in exercise habits can have huge benefits both for beautytek treatments and for general health.

c)  Diet – we recommend that clients try to incorporate more fruit and vegetables in their diet and cut down on sugary and fatty foods.  It is recommended that clients aim to eat regularly (at least three times per day) as this reduces the strain on the energy system.

And to maintain the new shape over the longer term?  Well, the fat reduction is as permanent as surgery – so maintain a healthy life style;  with regard to the firming and smoothing of the skin we recommend one single treatment session every three to 12 months.  Beautytek really is a truly amazing treatment!


Abdomen Reduction

Well, Christmas is most definitely creeping up on us.  There really is no need to panic about our waistline – the pictures below show the before and after treatment of a gentleman – this treatment session was pain free and risk free and took just 50 minutes!

Look The Part This Party Season – contact Anne for your free and without obligation consultation:
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So what happens to the treated area? 
The micro-current energy transmitted into the tissue acts as a stimulus for a variety of body functions:-
– the body’s energy levels are increased;
– blood circulation and lymphatic flow are increased;
– the body’s natural bio-chemical healing improves;
– stimulation of intracellular calcium further strengthens cellular balance and healing;
– amino acid uptake is increased as well as protein synthesis, which assists in tissue repair;
– water and toxins stored in the cells are redistributed to the lymphatic pathways, which are stimulated to “flush” the waste products from the body;
– fatty clusters are decomposed;
– blood vessels are opened to increase:-  blood flow, oxygen levels in the blood and nutrients delivered to the tissue;
– active ingredients in the treatment gels are selectively absorbed into the tissue (iontophoresis).

Well, taking all that into account, it’s no wonder the clinical trials show that clients feel much more energised and less sluggish throughout their waking hours.  Oh, and the fat reduction is as permanent as any method of reducing fat, including surgery.

Lean Legs – and Cellulite Free!

Here’s a fabulous example of how a course of 12 beautytek treatment sessions has firmed and toned a client’s legs.  In particular, we love the way the inner thigh and knee areas are so much firmer and smoother.  The “after treatment” photograph was taken three months after the course of treatments had ended – this can often be when the best results are more apparent – ie. once the body has fully recycled and renewed all cells.





Beautytek’s clinical trials show how the treatments help people to get beyond the frustrating plateau where diet and exercise stop working.  So if you’re planning some good festive fun and feel a little stuck with your body’s preparation, contact Anne on 07947 119604 / 0113 2165307 or email  Your free consultation awaits!

Skin Firming & Smoothing – Arms

Here is a wonderful example of how a course of beautytek treatments on the arms really does improve the condition of the skin.  So smooth and much firmer following 12 sessions -such a quick improvement over four weeks – what a difference!  In fact, further improvements may be seen in three months time when additional cells will have renewed/recycled.  In order to maintain this improvement we recommend one single top up session every three to 12 months – what could be easier?






The picture below shows how beautytek really does reshape the body.  This was before and after just one treatment session – the outer shape is really improved.

 (Left click on the picture once in order to see both sides of the reshape)



Look The Part This Party Season – come for a free and without obligation consultation – / 0113 2165307 / 07947 119604

Man boobs and tums

Leeds has been named the man boob capital of Britain.  Fifty-nine per cent of men in the city said they had large breasts, just ahead of Swansea (57%), Glasgow (56%) and Manchester (54%).  Maz Darvish, of, which organised the survey, said: “While in some cases moobs are due to hormonal problems or medication, excessive fat of any kind is usually a sign that a healthier lifestyle is in order.”

Here at beautyteknorth we continue to help clients succeed in addressing stubborn inches and certainly that applies to firming and shrinking those man boobs away.  Below is an example of a gentleman who had concerns over his moobs and tum.  He had 14 treatment sessions and four months later he was really looking good.  The fat reduction achieved by beautytek is as permanent as surgery;  lifting and firming of the skin is very easily maintained with just one top up session every three to 12 months.

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Abdomen – Fat Reduction And Skin Firming

Abdomen treatments are extremely popular at the beautytek clinic.  As we’ve shown in a previous blog, beautytek is very effective at improving stretch marks.  The images in this blog show how a client responded to 15 beautytek treatment sessions which were carried out over a period of just six weeks.  The photographs show very effective reduction and tightening across the whole abdomen area including her back and hip area.  In addition, there is a wonderful improvement in the client’s muscular tone.

before treatmentafter 15 treatment sessions before treatmentafter 15 treatment sessions




Arms – Fat Reduction / Firming / Stretch Marks

Summer is fast approaching so it’s time to give consideration to baring our arms.  As we age, our triceps muscle needs a lot more exercise in order to keep the ‘chicken wings’ (also referred to as ‘bingo wings’) at bay.  Beautytek is extremely effective at tightening, firming and smoothing the skin and tissue in the arms.  Beautytek is an excellent treatment for improving muscle tone and banishing fat.

The pictures below show a client who had just six treatment sessions on her arms.  She was mainly concerned about her stretch marks which had appeared quite suddenly following weight loss.  After two treatments she was extremely impressed with how firm her arms felt.  By the sixth session, not only were her stretch marks much improved – in addition, the creases at the front of her arm-pits were gone!  A further four to six treatment sessions would have continued the improvement in the stretch marks.  So, if you’ve any concerns whatsoever about the appearance of your arms, particularly at this time of year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange an appointment for a free consultation.






Stretch Marks

Stretch marks often appear on the breast and abdomen during pregnancy.  Some women have weaker collagen than others so are more likely to get stretch marks.  Yo-yo dieters and bodybuilders can also get stretch marks on the upper arms, chest and thighs.  Growing adolescents can get stretch marks on their backs where they look like a series of horizontal lines.

By rebalancing the cells ions beautytek increases energy flow, enhances metabolism and blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system, thus increasing the body’s capability for self-repair, restoring health and well being and enabling the body to reshape itself.

As a consequence of this boost to the body’s self-repair ability, beautytek has proven to be extremely effective in treating many skin related conditions such as acne, reducing scar visibility and stretch marks.  (See reference to the Clinicial Trials in the blogs below).

Here’s an example of how one beautytek treatment session (taking approximately 50 minutes to carry out) not only reduced the size of the abdomen but also started to both fade and reduce the size of the client’s stretch marks.






With additional treatments we can continue to fade and erase the stretch marks (as well as further reduce and firm the whole abdomen area).

We have very recently commenced treatments on a client with similar stretch marks – watch this space!