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Face Lifting and Rejuvenation






Here at beautyteknorth we love to do face lifting and rejuvenation treatments.  As explained in the Clinical Trials blog below, beautytek is proven to be “preventative” for young clients and “rejuvenative” for mature clients.  The pictures above show me when I was 48 years old (the pictures show, from left to right, before treatment, after six months and after nine months), so I would like to say that my results are more “preventative” than “rejuvenative”!  The results are long-lasting thus the skin remains firm, plump, well-hydrated and smooth.  We recommend that clients have a single top-up treatment every three to 12 months in order to maintain their optimum result.

Whilst you’re on the website have a look at the Face Lifting field, there’s a great example of how a client’s double chin was eliminated by the beautytek face lifting and rejuvenation treatment.  The treatments allow the therapist to tackle the specific areas which each client wishes us to concentrate on – a very individual treatment indeed.

We do free, without obligation consultations, so if you’re interested in taking a look at lots more examples of our work please feel free to contact me on telephone no. 0113 2165307 / 07947119604 or email

Clinical trials studying beautytek treatments

Many worldwide studies have been carried out on the efficacy of beautytek treatments.

One of them by Dr. W. Norek after several years of experience with beautytek: “As a certified physician for anti aging, member of GSAAM (German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine) … I was looking for a revolutionary, successful but still non invasive method for the lifting of tissue and fat reduction, which at the same time does not include any risk … After further examination and … after hundreds of treatments my first impression got confirmed and verified, beautytek provides wonderful, long-lasting results – in a simple way, without pain or any risk It is applicable for both men and women of any age, especially if they want to prevent an operation.  Beautytek offers long-term reduction of fat and effective tightening of tissue – particularly in areas where it is very difficult to reduce the fat volume with a diet or by exercising.”

Another study was undertaken by the Institute for Experimental Dermatology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. H. Tronnier, University of Witten-Herdecke, and the neosoma Institute in Cologne.  His studies have shown that “… All test persons reported experiencing additional effects of the treatment.  The main effect experienced was a notable improvement in capability attributed to a remarkable increase in bodily energy.  This led to greater fitness;  a higher performance over the course of the day without the tiredness otherwise mentioned.  At the same time a notable increase in the relaxation level was registered both during and after treatment…. Skirts and trousers that had long been stowed in the wardrobe suddenly fitted again.”

Beautytek technology offers a concept that is preventative for younger clients and rejuvenative for mature clients.

I hope you like the before and after pictures shown below of a client who had her cellulite banished by beautytek.  Very impressive indeed.  Whilst you’re on the website take a look at our “In the press” link where we refer to an excellent article entitled “More steps to luscious legs” by Claire Coleman, Daily Mail.  Cellulite really can be conquered!

Wedding Fayre – Best Western Guide Post Hotel


The Wedding Fayre held at the Best Western Guide Post Hotel on Sunday, 19 February was a great success.  We met lots of lovely brides-to-be and generated very good interest in the beautytek treatments.  Am starting work on two of the brides today!  Bring on the wash-board stomachs!!

Welcome to Beautyteknorth’s weekly blog!

Before Cellulite Treatment   After 12 Cellulite Treatments


was established in 2005– just two years after beautytek therapy first came over to the UK.  We redesigned our website in 2011 to make it much more user friendly and from January 2012 we’re introducing our regular blog posts.

Like many of the best things, beautytek was discovered by accident – the principles behind beautytek were originally applied for pain relief by Dr Valerio Genitoni, an Italian physician and biochemist.  He observed that in the course of treatment, patients lost body fat and the condition of their skin improved.  The cosmetic benefits of the treatment were realised and beautytek was developed.

So over a growing number of years the beautytek method has been used in cosmetic and aesthetic clinics worldwide.  The users of the system include dermatologists, cosmetologists and surgeons who have validated the success and effectiveness of the treatments.

Beautytek uses a very advanced computer technology that, through transcutaneous electrodes, is able to identify the altered chemical and physical distribution of biological tissue and correct it in real time.

This correction takes place through the use of waveforms that have been specifically developed as a response (feedback) to the characteristic signal of the tissue that is being read/treated.  Each stimulation is therefore different from all others, even those carried out on the same person – because the chemical and physical gradients (energy patterns) are continually changing.  Through electrodes, a closed bi-directional system is established between beautytek and the person receiving the treatment.  Take a look at our beautytek therapy page on the website for a little more info!  Equally, if you’ve any unanswered questions about the treatment please don’t hesitate to contact me – 0113 2165307 / 07947119604 /

Achieve the body of your dreams naturally.  Beautytek is a non-invasive, totally natural body sculpting technique.

*  Totally natural
*  Pain free with no risk
*  A fraction of the cost of surgery
*  No recovery time
*  No side effects
*  Quick and long lasting effects

“The closest thing to nip & tuck without the knife”  Daily Mirror
“By the end, my bottom was completely transformed”  Sunday Mirror
“A month later and I’m still in size 12’s.  In short – it worked”  Sunday Times Magazine
“There is little doubt that it works.  Some clients have dropped a couple of dress sizes as well as considerably reducing their cellulite”  Tatler Magazine

Over the next few weeks I’ll show some really good examples of our work (we always do before and after photographs) and I’ll keep you informed of what we’ve been up to.

We do free consultations so feel free to contact me and arrange to call round when ever’s mutually convenient.  We suit the opening times around our clients’ availability, seven days each week.  

I’ll be exhibiting beautyteknorth at The Wedding Fayre, Best Western Guide Post Hotel, Common Road, Low Moor, Bradford BD12 0ST on Sunday 19 February between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. – come along and take a look!

Very Best Wishes, Anne, 9 February 2012